User Interface / User Experience Design (UI/UX)

Computer Science department

You would learn how to create a good experience and interface for a software product. 

Live Sessions:


Introduction to UI/UX

An introduction to the basic concepts of User Interface and User Experience for a software product

  • UI/UX. Its development and its history

    An introduction to how user interfaces and experiences have evolved over the years

  • What is UI/UX

    Students should have an in-depth understanding of UI/UX and be able to feel the world from the mind of the users

  • Google material design

    Students should be aware of the specifications developed by Google for material design

  • Inspiring work on UI/UX

    Showing students interesting examples of projects with awesome interface and user experience

UI/UX Tools

An exposure to the tools used in understanding and designing good interfaces / experiences

  • Introduction to the UI/UX tools

    Students should be aware of valuable tools for creating good user interface and experience e.g Figma, Adobe XD etc.

  • Tools > User Flows


  • Tools > Experience maps


  • Tools > User Personas


Designing a basic UI/UX

We would design a basic interface and experience for a dating app as an example

  • Problem definition / Idea / Requirements / Goal


  • Understanding the problem and Brainstorming a solution


  • Wireframing


  • Creating a mind board


  • Designing your first interface


  • Iteration