Introduction to Programming

Computer Science department

Introducing you to general concepts in computing and programming in order to strengthen your computer science.

By the end of this class you should be able to create a website with wordpress, write a little bit of HTML, CSS and Javascript and have an understanding of how computers function from the processor to operating system to the applications you use on a daily basis.

You would know more about concepts like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, augmented and Virtual reality incase you want to start a career in any of these field.

This class is a prerequisite to many other programming classes and should be taken before other programming class.

Each lesson  spans for approximately a week with at least 3 class works. 

Have fun learning

Live Sessions:


Fundamentals of Programming & Programming languages

An introduction into the different programming languages that exists and the platforms that use them. (Windows, Android, IOS)

  • Introduction

    Welcome to this class.

  • Different kind of Platform

    You should know the different kind of platforms that exist and which of them you intend to learn after the course

  • Different Programming Languages

    Student's should know some of the common programming languages and decide what platform they would like to build on

  • Introduction to Coding for the web

    This is the topic objectives


Creating a simple website (or blog) with a wordpress templates without having to write code

  • Introduction to wordpress

    An introduction to wordpress and hosting your website with wordpress

  • Self hosting a wordpress site

    Students should have setup a local server on their laptops inorder to self host your own website

  • Customising your wordpress site

    This is the topic objectives

Coding for the web (Part 1)

An introduction to HTML, CSS, Javascript and writing code for the web

  • Introduction to HTML

    Students should be able to code a basic website with simple HTML Tags

  • Introduction to CSS

    Students should be able to design and add colors to a basic website using css

  • Introduction to Javascript

    Add interactivity to a basic website using javascript