Reactjs - Frontend Development

Computer science department

Learn how to build single page applications with Reactjs, the most popular frontend javascript framework.

Live Sessions:


Introduction to programming

An introduction to programming principles, algorithms and pseudocodes

  • Software Principles - SOLID

    An introduction to the principles guiding software development

  • Algorithm and Pseudocodes

    Students should be able to think like a programmer and convert a task (idea) into pseudo codes and algorithms


An introduction to javascript syntax, Es6 and NPM

  • Javascript - ES6

    Students should understand Javascript Es6 syntax and how to write good quality code

  • Node Package Manager

    Students should be able to work with Node Package Manager and modularize code to make it reusable in a way that scales


How to setup a basic react application, build react components and routing

  • Setting up a create react application

    Students should be able to setup a basic application using Create React App starter template

  • React Components

    Students should have an understanding of React Components and know how to build it

  • React Props

    Students should know how to pass data across different react components

  • React routing

    Students should understand how to create multiple pages and navigate between them

Final Project

We will be building an application with React and an introduction to Git Version Control

  • Building an application

    With support from teacher, students would be required to build an application

  • GIT version control

    Students should know how to use GIT to co-ordinate development with other developers, and track changes easily